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5 Great Farm Tires for a Great Year in the Field

01 Jan

January 1, 2016

At Alliance Tire Group, we make dozens and dozens of tires in numerous sizes designed to handle the specialized needs of customers all over the world. Tires engineered for excellence in the busiest fields, on the largest machinery, and in some of the most difficult conditions you can find—all while delivering extremely high performance, durability, and cost effectiveness. For those of you in the farming business, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight some of the tires we’ve predicted to be our 2016 MVPs!

The Alliance 380 VF is the world’s first VF rated flotation tire designed specifically for heavy machinery and trailers. The 380 VF is the perfect example of Alliance’s commitment to technological advancement and firmly establishes Alliance as a leader in the flotation tire market. Built to handle the extreme conditions a working farm can dish out, the Alliance 380 VF can reduce soil compaction, deliver high-speed performance on- and off-road, and increase productivity by allowing the farmer to carry much heavier loads.

The Alliance 393 tackles spreading, spraying, and seeding in spring’s wet and muddy fields without getting stuck or damaging delicate soil. Great for use on or off the road with heavy transport vehicles, slurry tanks, and grain wagons, the high-volume Alliance 393 tire helps prevent soil compaction and is capable of carrying high loads, even at low pressure. This steel-belt reinforced tire features a directional-block tread that self-cleans in the field and offers low rolling resistance while on the road, making it a versatile performer that would be at home on any farm.

The Alliance FarmPRO 324 is the clear choice for farmers looking for one tire to do it all. The versatile FarmPRO 324 provides the high level of performance farmers have come to expect from Alliance Tire. Thanks to its aggressive 45° lugs that self-clean in muddy conditions, the FarmPRO 324 is at home in the field, but a wide nose bar and center tread overlap allow for long-wear and comfort on the road as well. FarmPRO 324 tires are engineered to stand up to hard days on the farm, and they are constructed with a special rubber compound that is resistant to cut propagation and designed to fight against weather and age-related failure.

The Alliance Agriflex 372 IF/VF is purpose-built to maximize the productivity of high-horsepower tractors and combines. Allowing farmers to decrease inflation pressures by up to 40% and still haul the same loads as a standard tire, the Alliance Agriflex IF/VF 372 can also carry up to 40% more load without increasing tire pressure. Farmers can now give their tires a larger, more even footprint on the ground, resulting in less soil compaction, better traction, a smoother ride, and better fuel economy. The Agriflex IF/VF 372 ultimately increases farmers efficiency and productivity, helping them become more profitable.

The Alliance Multiuse 550 is perfect for use on municipal and chore tractors, but also works great on skid steers, backhoes, mini-loaders, and other popular machinery. With its special block-tread design and a wide footprint, the Alliance Multiuse 550 delivers excellent performance in sand and snow—making it a favorite on equipment that will see use in winter. Great on hard and soft surfaces alike, the Multiuse 550 is at home in the field or on the road, and is truly one tire to rule them all.

Alliance Tire is hard at work solving the the problems that face today’s farmer. Whether it’s developing tires to handle the biggest and most advanced machinery, creating a tire that can handle all the jobs needed on the farm, or building tires that reduce soil compaction and fuel consumption while increasing productivity and efficiency, ATG is working to make farmers’ lives a little easier. If your favorite Alliance farm tire didn’t make the list, find us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us which Alliance Tire you love.