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5 Top Construction Tires for Success in 2016

08 Jan

January 8, 2016

2015 was a banner year for construction – construction companies are busier than ever, and so are the machines they depend on. Owners and managers who are looking to keep their machines rolling and productive should look to Galaxy tires if they haven’t already. Galaxy builds some of the most dependable construction and industrial tires in the industry, with offerings that will increase your equipment’s performance and efficiency while providing maximum durability and reducing your equipment’s downtime. Below is a list of five great Galaxy tires, each one purposefully built to fill the needs of today’s construction professional.

A modern classic, the Galaxy Beefy Baby line has been at the forefront of skid steer tires since the beginning—and the Beefy Baby III is the best version yet. The Beefy Baby has a reputation for incredible durability and low cost per hour that is tough to beat. With increased tread depth, fine-tuned lug design, and additional wearable rubber, Galaxy has engineered the Beefy Baby III to perform better than ever before. Furthermore, the tire is constructed using a wear-resistant compound and is equipped with a sidewall protector and rim guard to keep it safe from punctures while operating in jagged terrain. Thanks to these updates you can expect better traction, stability, and longer life out of this already fantastic tire.

The Galaxy Hulk is perfect for machines that expect to see a lot of time on paved and hard surfaces, making them perfect for rock, demolition, salvage, gravel, and concrete work. Consistently outperforming operators’ expectations, the Galaxy Hulk features a unique tread pattern that is 68% solid to 32% void with a minimum tread depth of 44/32; this greatly enhances their durability and lifespan while reducing their susceptibility to cuts and punctures. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting additions to the Hulk line in the coming year.

Extremely popular as both a piece of original equipment and as an aftermarket option, the Galaxy Marathoner is acclaimed for its roadability between sites. However, don’t be fooled by its road-friendly demeanor—the Marathoner is extremely capable in all conditions and is outfitted with “mud breakers” that are specifically designed to clear mud and keep the tire’s tread clean. In fact, they deliver some of the best traction and pulling power on the market. The Marathoner—like all Galaxy tires—is built to last, with beefed up sidewalls, a rim guard, and deep tread for extended life. We expect to see a lot of Galaxy Marathoners on the road going from job to job in the upcoming year.

The Galaxy Muddy Buddy will be the choice of operations doing dirty work in 2016, and as its name implies, it loves to roll around in the mud. Rarely do the stars align and provide you with the perfect work site, and that’s where the Muddy Buddy comes into play. Designed for demanding muddy, slick, and slushy job sites, the Galaxy Muddy Buddy is engineered to excel where others struggle. With a 55% increase in tread depth and reconfigured lugs, the Galaxy Muddy Buddy delivers the traction and stability you’ve come to expect from a Galaxy tire, even in the sloppiest conditions. With 2016 being an El Niño year, the Galaxy Muddy Buddy will likely be a prominent figure throughout the wet winter and sopping spring.

Galaxy’s reputation may have been built on skid steer tires, but it wouldn’t be right to ignore the new Solid Galaxy Multi-Purpose Construction (MPC) tire, a tire we are very excited about! Economical and versatile, the do-it-all MPC delivers high performance on everything from graders and loaders to telehandlers. Ready for all types of work, the Galaxy MPC is designed with an optimal lug-to-void ratio for improved traction, and center lug blocks for a smooth ride, while the tire’s deep shoulders provide lateral stability and efficient self cleaning. Constructed for hard work on busy sites, the Galaxy MPC is built using a special compound for increased cut resistance, more efficient heat dissipation, and longer tire life. ATG expects big things from this tire in 2016.

The construction industry is booming and the prediction is for another big year. With backlogs a real concern in the industry, the need for your machinery to be as productive and efficient as possible is incredibly important. With exceptional performance and some of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry, these great offerings from Galaxy will help you ensure you’re getting maximum performance from your equipment and making the most out of your investment in your tires.