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A Solid Choice in Tires

06 Jun

June 6, 2017

The use of solid tires continues to become more widespread within the waste, recycling, and construction industries. As margins get tighter, wages rise, and qualified employees become more scarce in these fields, the need for businesses to reduce downtime and increase productivity is more important than ever. By reducing the risk of sidelining a machine due to tire damage—whether from a chunk of metal or employee inexperience—solid tires can quickly prove themselves to be a solid investment. And with the option to choose designs with shock-absorbing apertures, driving on solid tires has become less jarring.

Solid tires present the ultimate in puncture resistance and are rapidly becoming a staple on machines that operate in puncture-prone conditions. With their impenetrable tread faces and puncture-proof sidewalls, solid tires excel in conditions that would be perilous for traditional pneumatic tires. Because of this, solid tires have become a common sight on machines working in demolition, in scrapyards, and in recycling and waste management, as they reduce the operator’s need to worry about object hazards to their tires. With wear-resistant compound, they also work well on harder surfaces like asphalt and concrete.

Another benefit to businesses is that solid tires last far longer than pneumatic tires. In fact, they last between 3 and 4 times longer, allowing companies to get the most out of their tire investment and reducing their total cost of ownership. It’s not only the solid tire’s long life span that operators find appealing though; due to their puncture resistance, solid tire-equipped machines are subject to less downtime as the result of flats and repair, not to mention the cost of the repairs.

As the renewables and recycling industries continue to grow, the construction industry remains in a boom cycle, and the nation works to repair its outdated infrastructure, the use of solid tires should grow along with them. With this in mind, Alliance Tire Group continues to bolster our solid tire offerings. Earlier this year, ATG unveiled three new solid Galaxy tires—the LHD 500 SDS L-5, the Super Smooth SDS L-5, and the YardMaster SDS—to complement the company’s very successful first solid offering, the Beefy Baby SDS. Like all ATG offerings, our solid line of tires is purpose-built to meet the challenges operators are facing while being more affordable than our big-name competitors.