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Alliance Agriflex 372, Helping You Become More Profitable

01 Jun

June 1, 2017

Looking for combine and high horsepower tractor tires that can reduce soil compaction while carrying heavy loads? The Alliance Agriflex 372 design can do all that…and more.

Odds are you probably don’t think much about the tires on your high-horsepower tractor or combine…unless there’s a problem with them while you’re busy working. Lucky for you, we do spend a lot of time thinking about your tires. We at ATG are constantly striving to make a better performing, longer lasting, and more durable product. Exemplifying all of these qualities is the Alliance IF/VF 372.

alliance agriflex 372

Demonstrating ATG’s commitment to technology and combining the numerous challenges farmers face, Alliance has been able to integrate these needs into the Agriflex 372 design. The Alliance IF/VF 372 can be run at up to 40% lower air pressure than a standard farm radial carrying the same load. That allows for a larger footprint, better traction, a smoother ride and less soil compaction. Or if higher speeds and heavier loads are needed, the IF/VF 372 is capable of carrying up to 40% more weight than a standard ag radial when inflated to the same pressure.

Ultimately, the Alliance IF/VF 372 helps farmers become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable. The Alliance IF/VF 372’s steel belts enable the tread to stay flat and provide a more even footprint while working. In turn, they reduce soil compaction by spreading and distributing the loads more evenly and efficiently across the tread surface—an advantage that can help prevent years of yield loss from compacted soils.

Another great feature of the Alliance IF/VF 372: it delivers high performance for a long, long time. At ATG, we believe in building tires that last and the IF/VF 372 is no exception. Constructed with a unique multi-angle tread design, the IF/VF 372 is built to wear evenly for maximum longevity whether on the road or in the field. Stubble guard compound and tread-area steel belts offer vital puncture protection while durable treads resist wear on pavement.

We at ATG spend a lot of time thinking about your tires, and the Alliance IF/VF 372 brings those thoughts to life. Featuring the latest technology and highest quality materials, the IF/VF 372 is designed maximize your flexibility, productivity and profit—all at a price tag you can afford.