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ATG Expands Agricultural VF Tire Line with New Sprayer Sizes

11 Jan

January 11, 2016

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) increased its industry-leading selection of steel-belted VF (very high flexion) tires with four new sizes specifically designed for self-propelled sprayers. VF tire technology—which allows for greater flex in the sidewall—has been incorporated into the Alliance Agriflex 354 and 363 lines, models that were first introduced as IF (increased flexion) tires.


Because of the increased flexibility in their sidewalls and special bead packages, the new Agriflex 354 VF and Agriflex 363 VF lines can carry up to 40 percent greater load at the same level of inflation as their conventional radial counterparts, or carry the same load with 30 percent less inflation pressure. With the introduction of the Agriflex 354 VF in 380/80R38, 320/105R46 and 480/95R50 sizes and the Agriflex 363 VF in 270/95R48 (11.2R48) Alliance’s IF/VF offerings include 44 sizes in three designs.

Alliance’s IF and VF line is unique not just because it is one of the largest and most varied offerings in the industry, but also because Alliance is the only brand in the business to offer steel-belted construction in all of its IF and VF tires, notes Trent Wallin, Agriculture Product Manager for Alliance Tire Americas.

“VF technology is ideal for self-propelled sprayers because of the demands placed on farmers and custom applicators to carry larger tanks and simultaneously reduce soil compaction,” says Wallin. “Since soil compaction pressure is nearly equal to tire inflation pressure, reducing inflation pressure under a heavy load can have benefits that last for years in the soil. The steel belts we build into our IF and VF tires ensure extra durability and puncture resistance and create a more uniform footprint, which improves traction and stability.”

At lower inflation pressures, VF technology allows for a dramatic increase in the footprint of the tire, Wallin adds. The result is not only less soil compaction from distributing the load’s weight over more surface area, but also the other benefits of greater flotation, including higher traction, better fuel economy and less disturbance of the soil surface, he says.

Engineering and manufacturing Alliance sprayer tires in VF models is indicative of ATG’s drive to provide sprayer operators and farmers with the tires they need to compete in today’s fast-paced agricultural market.

“The Agriflex line also includes a variety of special tread patterns that deliver better handling on and off the road, longer wear and durability and increased comfort at higher speeds,” Wallin points out. “Our tires are designed for extra stability, reliable braking, and wear and puncture resistance. For us, it’s all about keeping our customers more productive in the field and safer on the road.”

According to Wallin, ATG has also introduced its popular Alliance 550 Multi-Use Tire tire in sizes suitable for sprayers. The 550 offers excellent flotation, and its block pattern tread delivers all-weather traction and outstanding self-cleaning.