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Cheap Oil Drives Field Contractors to Seek Efficiency

01 Jun

June 1, 2017

After the boom in oil and gas production, the past year’s downturn in oil prices has soured the industry’s mood and threatened many companies (and the businesses that serve them, from vacuum trucks to construction).

But as the New York Times reported on May 11, cheap oil is spurring greater efficiency among industry innovators. One source in the story said the break-even price for operating in most shale fields has dropped from $75 per barrel to $60, and may be heading toward $50.

Alliance_331_on_trailerSome of that drop is due to lower contractor prices as service companies scramble to stay in the game.  That’s not a pretty picture at all, but the Alliance Tire Group’s global R&D team is working to help those contractors trim their costs and improve their profitability in these challenging times.

We’re providing tools like fast-moving, dependable flotation tires for vacuum trucks and water tankers—in sizes like 550/50-22.5, which slide right in where dual truck tires used to be. Rugged radials for construction equipment. And even super-flotation tires that allow seismic reflection rigs to travel onto fragile soils with a light footprint.

The Alliance 331 flotation radial (pictured above) is a great example of how the right tire can deliver operational efficiency in the oil fields and, thus, contribute to the bottom line in a challenging business envirionment.

Available in the 600/45R22.5 size, the Alliance 331 delivers a high load capacity at low inflation pressures. Strong nylon construction anddurable tread compounds ensure long life. The tread pattern provides excellent self-cleaning characteristics.Volcano_Climb

The rugged durability of Alliance flotation tires was demonstrated in dramatic fashion when a German team, riding on Alliance 390 flotation radial tires, scaled the world’s highest volcano in record time. Ice, snow, extreme inclines and very sharp-edged rocks…the Alliance 390s dealt with all of it flawlessly . . . none of the spare tires had to be used!

We’re proud to be playing a role in helping our oil industry customers weather this challenging economic phase of the energy sector by getting optimum value from their tires. Squeezing every dollar really hard; that’s what it’s all about with today’s oil prices.

By the way, there’s nothing like a free set of skid steer tires to help the bottom line. We encourage you to enter our drawing below for a set of industry-leading Galaxy Beefy Baby tires.