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Galaxy Mighty Mow TS: Small in size, giant in turf protection

18 September

September 18, 2017

The new Galaxy Mighty Mow TS is a superb tire for gentlest passages on turf and sand as well as intermittent transfers on hard surfaces. It was constructed to provide exceptional performance during operations such as commercial mowing for example. The tread block geometry of this tire was designed to enlarge the contact area between tread and turf, thus providing optimum stability and weight distribution whilst delivering excellent steering and improved lateral traction. As a result, the Mighty Mow TS ensures maximum turf protection.

In addition to the advanced tread block geometry and the zig-zag block tread design, the shoulder design also is a unique feature of the Mighty Mow TS. The elongated lug at the shoulder wraps the tread around the sidewall and reduces the strain on turf surfaces during turns. However, due to the high tread to void ratio and a special wear resistant compound, this tire also offers a long service life even with intermittent use on hard surfaces such as dry mud, asphalt, or paved yards etc.

Large range of applications
The Mighty Mow TS was developed for mowers, light weight utility tractors and various agricultural implements. The range of operations includes grass and lawn mowing in residential and municipal areas, spraying, spreading, cleaning, snow clearing and hauling. This tire offers optimum performance during fairway and large area mowing in general and applications in highly sensitive areas such as putting greens on golf courses in particular, where the gentlest treatment of the turf is paramount.

Being a true turf specialist does not hinder the Galaxy Mighty Mow TS to deliver top results in all kinds of transport operations also on hard surfaces. This can include personnel transport with golf carts, delivering food and beverages in recreational areas as well as carrying payloads for sanding sports pits, spraying or fertilising.

Various sizes launched
The new Galaxy Mighty Mow TS tire range consists of various sizes for 8, 10 and 12 inch rims. The following sizes are currently available: