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March 30, 2020

Alliance FORESTAR 344 ELIT is the world’s first low inflation forestry tire. It revolutionises forestry operations by carrying the same load just at half the rated air pressure. Along with its 20% larger footprint, the F344 ELIT ensures the protection of forest soils against excessive compaction, thus significantly contributing to the sustainability of logging operations.

The term sustainability has a history of well over 300 years. It was already used in 1713 by Saxon forestry engineer Hans Carl von Carlowitz who emphasised the necessity of a continuous, steady and sustainable use of the forests. Since those days, however, sustainable use in forestry has gained further meaning and importance: Today, the protection of forest soils against compaction and resulting erosion is considered paramount.

Setting new standards

That is why, after years of extensive research, development and testing, Alliance Tire Group introduced the innovative F344 ELIT forestry tire for equipment such as harvesters and forwarders. This tire reliably delivers excellent performance and long service life, whilst taking effective care of soil health due to a footprint that is up to 20% larger and an inflation pressure that is up to 50% lower when compared to standard forestry tires (2.5 bars vs 5.0 bars).

The acronym ELIT stands for Engineered Low Inflation Tire. This unique technology brings clear design enhancements. Along with steal reinforcements, special tread compounds provide the necessary durability, cut, chip and puncture resistance to sustain extreme working environments during a long service life. At the same time, the special tread design of the Alliance F344 ELIT features an optimal lug angle, thus providing excellent grip, traction and self-cleaning properties. The reinforced dual bead provides an enhanced strength, thus preventing rim slippage and ensuring stability while operating at lower tire pressure. It goes without saying that the Alliance F344 ELIT can also be used with boogie-belts.

Designed to excel!

As pre-launch operators, Alexander and Rolf Kohler, who run a logging business in Germany, were world pioneers in using low pressure forestry tires. After almost eight years of intensive forestry operations on F344 ELIT, including five years of testing, ending up in total of over 12,000 working hours – made them give a very clear statement: “The Alliance F344 ELIT low inflation tires are ideal for the work we perform – I would say that it is the best we’ve ever had,” says Alexander Kohler, and he adds: “We have received favourable feedback from numerous estate owners, confirming that our operations are kinder to the ground.”

Aleksander and Rolf Kohler have been using the same set of tires since 2012


Another German contractor Huse Hadzipasic claims he was able to increase the efficiency of his operations up to 20% – thus winning 2-3 extra working days per month with F344 ELIT. He says the tire provides faster travelling speed, less slip, less road repair works and doesn’t really need the boogie-tracks. Moreover, with these tires, he also saves fuel and even carries more wood at a time, not to mention a better soil protection and a much more comfortable driving experience after more than 3000 operating hours on a John Deere 1110 forwarder.


Huse Hadzipasic is able to get 2-3 extra working days per month on the F344 ELIT tires

Less fuel consumption was also acknowledged during the tests of F344 ELIT in France, conducted by brothers Sylvain and Benoît Bray on their John Deere 1110E forwarder mounted on eight pieces of F344 LP 800/40 26.5. The French contractors reported the fuel economy of around 7% in comparison with standard pressure tires of 800mm.

The tests in France also confirmed other benefits of the low-pressure technology tires, like low wear and comfortable ride. “I am impressed by its resistance, because after 1000 hours of use in severe operating conditions, there is literally no wear while the competing tires with standard pressure were already damaged after the same time of use. Even with 800mm width tires, the benefits are numerous, both for soil preservation, driving comfort and fuel consumption,” notes Sylvain Bray.

French contractors Benoît and Sylvain Bray reported the fuel economy of around 7%


Award Winning Tires

The innovative concept and the outstanding performance of the Alliance F344 ELIT were also acknowledged at Agritechnica 2019. As one of just top twenty innovations, this was the only tire to be nominated for the renowned “Systems and Components Trophy – Engineers’ Choice”.

With PR 20, this tire is available in size 710/40-24.5 for 24.5 rims and in sizes 800/400-26.5, 710/45-26.5, as well as 750/55-26.5 for 26.5 rims.

Alliance F344 ELIT is the only tire nominated for Agritechnica’s Systems and Components Trophy 2019