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Meet Alliance Tire Group’s Olympians

10 Aug

August 10, 2016

With the world’s best athletes gathering in Rio for the 2016 Olympic games, everyone’s focus has turned to the games to determine who is truly the best at their craft. While we’re busy consuming the games around ATG office, we are also always thinking about tires (after all, those Olympic rings sure look like tires!), and can’t help but liken our tires to the world-class athletes we are watching. At ATG, we have found ourselves using the same adjectives to describe our tires that the announcers use to describe the athletes. Power, strength, agility, stability, and longevity are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing our tires, and are echoed again and again on the Olympic broadcasts. In the spirit of the Olympics, here are some of the medal winners from ATG.

Perhaps one of the most most iconic events at the Olympics is the marathon. Alliance Tire Group has its own Marathoner, and much like its namesake’s participants, the Galaxy Marathoner skid steer tires are known for their consistency, ability to run all day, and incredible performance on the road. Like all great marathoners, this tire is ready to perform in all conditions—rain, mud, heat, and harsh terrain won’t slow this tire down. Don’t think because we designed the Marathoner for endurance that it lacks power, as this tire delivers some of the best pulling power on the market. With beefed up sidewalls, a rim guard, and deep tread for extended life, the Galaxy Marathoner is sure not to fade during the final stretch of your next big job.

The Decathalon, another Olympic event, is a collection of ten separate track and field events, designed to reveal the Greek ideal of a model athlete. No tire better exemplifies the decathlete spirit more than the Alliance 550 Multiuse. With the strength to pull implements, the capability of speed on the road, and the durability to perform day after day, the Alliance 550 also offers a decathlete’s versatility. Capable of handling everything from tractors, combines, and spreaders to towed implements and backhoes, the Alliance 550 Multiuse is certainly a gold medalist for ATG.

While you are rooting and cheering for your favorite athletes, events, and countries in Rio over the next two weeks, don’t forget about the world-class performance being delivered by ATG’s own champions. Of course, these are just a few of the incredible performers that ATG offers. Contact your ATG dealer today to learn about our many other high-performing and long-lasting tires.