ATG at EIMA: ‘All-round’ solutions for ‘the agriculture of the future’


Ensuring effective soil protection and excellent economic performance are key issues for ATG as world leading manufacturer of Off-Highway-Tires / Demonstrating competence and dedication with innovative IF, VF and heavy duty solutions for agriculture at EIMA 2016 / Delivering evidence for better value and smarter choice
07.10.2016 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
As a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative Off-Highway Tires, ATG (Alliance Tire Group) will use this years’ EIMA in Bologna to showcase some of the company’s outstanding tire solutions for ‘the agriculture of the future’. Machines tend to become ever more effective, bigger and heavier. At the same time, the minimisation of time spent on unproductive road transfers becomes increasingly important. Against this background, ATG has earned an excellent reputation for providing innovative, reliable and high performance
solutions which are the smarter choice for better value. At EIMA 2016, ATG will present some of the company’s latest Improved Flexion (IF), Very High Flexion (VF), Heavy Duty (HD) and Severe Duty Solid (SDS) tires for a broad range of agricultural machines. These tires offer tailor-made solutions for tough and challenging operating environments as well as maximum efficiency and effective soil protection.
Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX+: Reduced tire pressure – enhanced soil protection The Alliance 354 AGRIFLEX+ is an ideal tire for large capacity sprayers. Built with the very latest (VF) technology (Very High Flexion), this tire was designed to carry up to 40% more load when compared to standard row crop or sprayer tires. Alternatively, the 354 AGRIFLEX+ can carry the standard load with a 40% lower air pressure. According to prevailing soils conditions, this offers the perfect opportunity to ensure maximum soil protection and efficiency. With ‘D’ speed rating, these tires also allow for road speeds of up to 65 kph. As large sprayers frequently travel on the road between filling locations and fields, load and air pressure ranges practically eliminate the need to adjust tire pressures for full and empty tanks, respectively, and the tires can run at significantly lower pressures as standard. By offering superior puncture resistance, as well as excellent traction and self-cleaning properties due to optimally spaced R-1W lugs, the steel belted 354 AGRIFLEX+ tires significantly improve the productivity of agricultural machines.
Alliance 376 IF MULTISTAR: Carrying heavy loads gently The Alliance 376 IF MULTISTAR is a large volume tire that was engineered for heavy machinery that is predominantly used on dry soil, such as various combines and harvesters, tankers, as well as slurry and manure spreaders. The IF technology (Improved Flexion) in size 10.50/50R32 enables this tire to carry 20% more load when compared to standard variants. This, in turn, means that the standard load can also be carried with a 20% lower air pressure. With their extra-large footprint and rounded shoulders, 376 MULTISTAR IF tires significantly reduce ground pressure. This allows for markedly reduced compaction and the preservation of the soil’s structure.
Alliance 390 HD: Heavy duty compounds for the ‘load specialist’ Alliance’s 390 HD (Heavy Duty) tire was developed and is manufactured with special heavy duty compounds, a stronger carcass and a steel belt. This set-up makes 390 HD tires the ideal choice for large heavy duty trailers, tankers, and slurry spreaders, as heavy loads require an according tire stability. In addition, the robust construction and the carcass which is reinforced by a steel belt provide a large footprint as well as maximum protection against penetration damage. Whether dry, loose or hard – the non-directional block type tread design allows for excellent performance on all surfaces and for long life cycles with a low rate of wear.
Alliance 372 IF AGRIFLEX: Additional traction and better fuel economy The 372 AGRIFLEX from Alliance is a series of large volume tires for modern high horsepower tractors and combine harvesters. Thanks to the IF technology (Improved Flexion), these tires can carry 20% more load when compared to standard tires at the recommended air pressure. When soil conditions require particular attention and care to avoid compaction, air pressure in these tires can be reduced whilst the carrying capacity still remains the same as with standard tires and standard air pressure. The Alliance 372 IF AGRIFLEX was designed to enhance machines’ productivity by providing additional traction and better fuel economy. At the same time, also the productivity of the soil is maintained minimizing compaction to the greatest possible extent. These tires feature optimum spaced and angled R-1W lugs for exceptional traction and self-cleaning properties as well as and a smooth and comfortable performance on the road.
Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS: Designed to cope with the roughest working environments Skid steer loaders have become increasingly popular on quite a few farms and for quite diverse tasks. Being the most popular skid steer tire design, Galaxy’s Beefy Baby now also is available as Severe Duty Solid (SDS), a completely solid rubber tire. This tire was designed to ensure maximum tire life and maximum reliability under extreme and challenging operating conditions. The multipurpose traction tread pattern with massive irregular spaced lugs ensures impressive traction and exceptional operator comfort at the same time, whilst the robust solid center of the Beefy Baby SDS increases tire life and eliminates punctures. Steel wire creel beads prevent rim slippage, and the solid construction ensures maximum productivity with minimised down time. The Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS is available as a rim plus tire assembly.