Galaxy JUMBO HULK: The ‘versatile specialist’ for backhoe loaders


Versatile tire for versatile machines / Unique L-4 tread pattern for severe conditions / extraordinary hours of service and low to zero downtime

27.09.2016 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands
From now on Alliance Tire Group presents with the new JUMBO HULK in size 16.9-28 a versatile and application oriented back tire for backhoe loaders. Being rather light and multifunctional machines, backhoe loaders are frequently used for earthmoving in on- and off-road construction sites. Tires for these machines therefore have to cope with very diverse operating environments. “As backhoe loaders are often used for road works as well as the installation or repair of house connections, low or even zero downtime due to tire punctures is a decisive prerequisite to get the jobs done quickly and efficiently. The Galaxy JUMBO HULK keeps backhoe loaders reliably rolling and working”, says Ole Baek, head of Marketing ATG Europe. Application oriented ‘from head to toe’ The tubeless Galaxy JUMBO HULK features the unique L4-tread pattern which was designed for operation in severe conditions. Superior self cleaning characteristics and an extraordinary tread depth provide excellent traction whilst the high solid to void ratio enables the tire to have the maximum possible contact area with the soil and thus reduce the rate of wear on abrasive surfaces such as tarred roads.
With a maximum speed of 40 km, the JUMBO HULK ensures that backhoe loaders can be operated and transferred between construction sites quickly and efficiently. In addition, the maximum load of 3,878 kg per back tire provides plentiful reserves of all kinds of earth-moving operations.