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Ode to the Chore Tractor

07 Mar

March 7, 2016

Today’s big, modern farms are supported by all sorts of high-tech equipment to optimize their efficiency. High-horsepower tractors, super-efficient combines, fast spreaders, high-tech planters and grain buggies have all helped to increase the productivity of today’s farms. In fact, a single U.S farmer today feeds 155 people worldwide, compared to just 25.8 people in 1960.

While many of these high-tech tools are thrust into the agricultural limelight, the quiet hero of the farm is the every-day chore tractor. While the chore tractor might not service the most urgent and high-profile jobs around the farm, it helps keep the farm moving by helping with the litany of daily tasks facing a farmer.

The real benefit of a chore tractor is its ability to replace manual labor with mechanical muscle. A good chore tractor can reduce the time and effort needed to transport feed, carry bulky supplies and move manure, as well as numerous other jobs that require moving something heavy or awkward from one place to another. The Alliance FarmPRO 324 is the perfect tire for the chore tractor that sees this type of work. Great for use in the yard and on the road, the FarmPRO 324 delivers reliable performance and exceptional durability at a reasonable price.

Different farms have different needs and jobs, and many chore tractors will be tasked with mowing. Along ditches and through the fields, a good chore tractor should handle either with ease. When winter comes, the chore tractor becomes responsible for snow removal—plowing farm roads and clearing the yard, ensuring that daily operations continue to run smoothly, regardless of the weather. For chore tractors that see this type of double duty, the Alliance Multiuse 550 is a capable performer. Excellent in sand, snow, or on the road, the Alliance Multiuse 550 is ready to handle whatever you can throw at, whether it’s mowing, plowing, or even helping out in the field. Even better, the 550 is built to stand up to the hard work required of a chore tractor, with steel belts and even-wearing tread.

Of course, these are only some of the many tasks we ask of the chore tractor. With a growing amount of attachable implements, the chore tractor is like a swiss army knife keeping the right tools for the job easily within reach. Alliance Tire Group understands the hard use the chore tractor sees, and has been busy designing tires to increase the efficiency and productivity of your tractor while also providing you one of the lowest total costs of ownership (TCO) in the industry. The right tire can help your tractor increase its productivity and reduce fuel consumption while increasing your profitability and making your life a little bit easier (just like the right chore tractor).