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Galaxy Yardmaster: “Performing high”

27 July

July 27, 2017

New Yardmaster tires for forklifts / Strong casing, optimal profile / Cut, chip and wear resistant / Stronger sidewalls and improved tread block reinforcement / Flat tread radius for even wear

27.07.2017 | Amsterdam

Effectively handling cargo and reaching up high whilst standing firm – that is what forklifts are expected to deliver. With sizes 250-15 NHS and 300-15 NHS, Galaxy now launches two new tires in the proven Yardmaster tire range. Designed for high performance in medium intensity operations, Yardmaster tires are distinguished by a strong casing with stiff sidewalls which ensure pneumatic ride comfort and stability particularly during lifting operations.

The smooth flat tread radius allows for even wear on hard surfaces whilst the strong central tie bar stabilises the tread blocks. A special wear resistant compound, the improved tread block reinforcement and the reinforced sidewalls protect Yardmaster tires against cuts, chips and wear during all kinds of forklift operations.


Forklift tires for demanding working environments

The new Galaxy Yardmaster 250-15 NHS with PR 16 and Yardmaster 300-15 NHS with PR 20 were developed to easily cope with various working environments. Whilst warehouses usually are characterised by smooth concrete surfaces, industrial and yard surfaces often include tar, paved or uneven ground. In all cases, sharp edges of debris or stored material frequently threaten to damage the sidewalls of forklift tires. That is why the sidewalls of Yardmaster tires were particularly reinforced.


The strong casing ensures pneumatic ride comfort and excellent stability during all transport and lifting operations, whilst the tread and the flat tread radius ensure traction as well as optimum load distribution and footprint.


Yardmaster tires were designed for effective puncture protection and high wear resistance to minimise the risk of downtimes. These tires provide a true value offering with similar load carrying capacity and stability in operation, but with a reduced tread depth in comparison to heavy duty Yardmaster Ultra forklift tires.


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