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The unique “two-in-one” Alliance 389 VF

12 July

July 12, 2017

World’s first flotation tire with VF technology / Minimising footprint, maximising performance / Trailers now can match performance of tractors with latest VF tire generation / First size launched in May, others to follow throughout 2017


12.07.2017 | Amsterdam/Neuss

For the first time worldwide, ATG’s 389 VF tires combine flotation with Very High Flexion (VF) technology, thus allowing large trailers in agricultural transport to match the performance of modern high horsepower tractors which are equipped with tires of the latest VF generation. The “two-in-one” Alliance 389 VF therefore stands for a truly revolutionary tire concept.

During road transport and under optimum soil conditions in the field, Alliance 389 flotation tires with VF technology can carry 30 percent more load than conventional flotation tires, thus providing answers to the requirements of modern agricultural equipment in terms of performance and productivity. In the field, and particularly under less favourable soil conditions, these tires allow for the same load carrying capacity as conventional flotation tires, yet require 30 percent lower air pressure. That is why soils and agricultural businesses equally benefit from these innovative “gentle giants”.

Setting new standards

Alliance tires are already recognised as leaders in the global Flotation Radial market. The world premiere of the unique Alliance 389 VF now opens the next round of innovation – with tires for a holistic soil protection concept. These tires offer effective solutions allowing farmers and contractors to maintain soil fertility and high yield potentials even under challenging harvest conditions.

Far beyond the “International Year of Soils”, soil protection is a daily challenge in modern agriculture. That does not only result from developments in agricultural engineering but also becomes more and more important with regard to climate change. There is an increased frequency of extreme weather conditions, and strategies are needed to maintain farmers’ and contractors’ ability to move large loads quickly, efficiently and with maximum soil protection. That is exactly what the 389 VF tire range was developed for.

Convincing overall package

The unique Alliance 389 VF tire range comes with innovative and extremely durable compounds, steel belts and a row of special construction features which ensure high puncture resistance, low wear and a long service life. This further adds to their value for farmers and contractors. Starting with the first size 650/55R26.5 that was presented on a farm in May 2017, different further sizes of the Alliance 389 VF series are expected to be launched throughout the year. This will include VF 600/55R26.5 and VF 750/45R26.5 in August and various other sizes in the months to come.


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