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Small in size but high on performance

02 Aug

August 2, 2017


The thumb rule to judge the maturity of a country’s construction market is to look at the equipments that are being sold in it. It is believed that the countries which are still in the process of building their infrastructure from the scratch require heavier machines while the ones which primarily concentrate on the maintenance of it go for smaller compact machinery. But there is a paradigm shift in this outlook. It is being seen that compact machineries are slowly and steadily climbing the ladder of popularity even in the emerging markets of the world.

The major reason being, business owners are realising the true potential of these machineries. Compact machineries (compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, backhoes, skidsteers,) performing on major construction jobsites has become a common sight. Technically, compact equipment is defined as machinery which weighs less than 10,000 pounds, but this doesn’t stop them from accomplishing strenuous operations. Increased manoeuvrability, easy mobility, ample power makes them well – equipped to carry out tasks in variety of applications including those which are typically performed by heavy duty equipments.

The major factor that sets these compact machineries apart from their counterparts is “Versatility”. Due to economic uncertainty and continuous legislative changes it has been a struggle for the contractors and the rental companies to keep their profits alive. In such conditions, versatility and job diversification are the only rescuers. The more multi-skilled the machine, the more it is on rent. Contractors look for machines that help them do their jobs efficiently with speed and ease, they are looking for ways to stretch their machines to maximize their usage. Because of which they rely on smaller equipments in their fleets.

Improvements in hydraulics have played a huge role to make compact machineries so valuable. Each of these machines come with standard auxiliary hydraulics that can be upgraded to high-flow or enhanced high-flow giving them the power to extend its operating capacities beyond a bucket or set of forks. The high flow system allows the machines to power high performance attachments which in turn help to perform each task more efficiently and quickly. Getting one job done and moving to the next one is the need of the hour. Attachments are cheaper than buying new machine; it makes you job-specific while giving you more options with the current equipment. With hundreds of attachments available and more introduced every year the versatility will continue to grow.

Compact machineries have their limitations; it won’t be an ideal choice in situations where you need to lift above 12ft, or carry something above 7,000 pounds because then the stability would have to be sacrificed. They cannot replace the big equipments on large-scale projects but can complement them. For example while building a golf course, heavy machine do the major dirt work, while the smaller machines help to shape the landscape, construct paths etc. While putting a big-inch pipe, running a gas service line, working inside a building or parking deck and other such various activities compact machineries are ideal. With continuous technology and designing innovations, manufacturers are pushing the envelope on how much can be fitted in a small package without compromising on performance.

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