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Snow plow with wheels on Skidsteer

25 Jun

June 25, 2018

Wheels Vs Tracks for Snow Plough

There has always been a debate about – whether to use wheels or tracks for snow plowing. Though tracks are always considered as a go-to-option for snow plowing, recent technological advancement in tires have been instrumental in changing this perception. However, all of this depends on the importance of matching the right machine with the right site conditions, geological area, and right job duties.

Should you use tracked skid steer or a wheeled skid steer?

Both options have their respective qualities and functioning. For slow plowing, wheels are best suited for paved or hard surfaces whereas tracks are preferred in wet and muddy areas. Though tires have always had a lead on the turf because of being more economical and easy to maintain and replace. Additionally, the tracked machines are costly to operate as the replacement of tracks, bogey wheels, sprockets and idler wheels come with a cost. Wheeled machines do not include such operational costs.

But what if all these qualities were inculcated in the tires itself?

Owing to the groundbreaking technology, you are no longer required to invest in both tracks and tires. Modern snow tires are capable of getting as much speed and traction from your wheel skid loader. ATG’s tailor-made Skidsteer tire is here to make your work easier and efficient. These tires are suitable for all seasons, providing more traction while turning. Quite clearly, they are your one stop solution to the long convulse question of choosing between wheels or tracks.