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SWANApalooza a Celebration of Solid Waste

01 Apr

April 1, 2016

SWANApalooza (loosely named like Lollapalooza the famous 90s musical event that combined multiple musical styles into a single event) applies the same overarching concept to the solid waste industry. Occurring April 4-7 in Charleston, South Carolina, SWANApalooza combines several key solid waste industry events and brings them to one place, to bring you the latest in landfill management, landfill gas, and biogas technology.

Combining the 39th Annual Landfill Gas and Biogas Symposium, the 20th Annual Landfill Symposium, the Road to Zero Waste Conference, the U.S. EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program Workshop, SWANA’s Spring Training and Exam Center, and, new this year, Fleet Management Expo, this year’s SWANApalooza is the place to be! With so many great events happening in the same place, it makes collecting important industry information, viewing and demoing new products, learning about the latest techniques and certifications, and meeting your peers easy and affordable.

In between equipment demos at the outdoor exhibit area, taking in a technical session on the latest industry trend, and sitting in for a symposium, swing by the Alliance Tire Group booth and learn what we can do for your operation with tires like our Galaxy Hulk. Extremely popular with waste management companies, recycling centers, and salvage yards, the Hulk is constructed with a unique tread pattern that features a 68% solid to 32% void for incredible durability and lifespan, and offers excellent puncture resistance. Even better, we have big plans for the Hulk in 2016—if you swing by the booth, we’ll fill you in on them!

A major theme of SWANApalooza this year is how the waste industry can further a “circular economy”—that is, put the focus on reuse, recover materials, and energy. Tires like the venerable Beefy Baby III have been the standard bearer for Galaxy’s incredible reputation for building durable, long-lasting tires that help keep waste operations moving and productive. With a higher tread depth than its predecessors and a 15% increase in wearable rubber, you’ll see a lot of Beefy Babys working the landfill and not many of them in it. Not to mention its improved, self cleaning tread design helps reduce slippage, which, in turn, helps lower fuel consumption.

We expect this year’s SWANApalooza to be a bit quieter and less raucous than the original Lollapalooza. It’ll probably be substantially more informative as well. SWANApalooza is a great opportunity to get the individuals of the solid waste industry together, learn from each other, connect with one another, and hopefully take something back to your companies. Swing by the Alliance Tire Group booth and learn how ATG can help make your company more productive, efficient, and profitable—and don’t forget to take that information home with you and share it!