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The Alliance 363 IF, the Roadable Row Crop Tire

01 Jun

June 1, 2017

Today’s farmer has to wear many hats to run a successful operation. Whether it’s planting, spraying, harvesting, or even sales and accounting, selecting the right hat for the right occasion is key to the modern farmer. In that vein, the success of a farmer is often reliant on choosing the right tool for the right job, and for row crop farmers whose machines spend time on the road as well as in the field, the Alliance Agriflex 363 IF is just the tool.

ATG designed the Alliance Agriflex 363 IF tire to deliver traction and minimize soil compaction on sprayers and tractors in the field, while also providing improved performance on roads and highways. The 363 IF’s easy adaptability to terrain has made it one of our customers’ most talked about tires.

IF_363.jpgThe Alliance Agriflex 363 IF is perfect for row crop farmers who spend time on the road driving between fields, and need one tire to do it all. Check out the great video above of ATG Sales Engineer Trent Wallin as he explains how this product’s unique tread enables it to easily transition from soft to hard surfaces, and how the tread design, special rubber compound, and steel belts under the tread work in unison to provide excellent service life.

Although the 363 is a reliable performer on the road, and capable of traveling up to 40 MPH, Trent explains how it’s also fantastic in the field. The 363 can help minimize soil compaction and damage done to the ground by sprayers and tractors thanks to its large footprint that distributes the weight of the load more evenly on the ground. Furthermore, learn how the tire’s IF technology can increase your operations efficiency, as it increases the tire’s load capacity up to 20%.

If you want to learn more about the Alliance Agriflex 363 IF, click here to download the product flyer…or contact your local ATG dealer.