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The Benefits of Your Construction Company Using RFID

08 Aug

August 8, 2017

As in many other sectors, technology and innovation are changing the way construction companies not only do business but also how they think about business. Like it or not, high tech is here to stay in the building industry; as more companies embrace new machinery and methods, they reap the rewards of having an advantage over their competitors. As new tech increases productivity and efficiency while providing detailed information and insight into the business, more construction companies will gain interest in innovation. One form of technology that is making the greatest inroads into construction at the moment is the use of radio-frequency identification, or simply RFID.

Today’s construction companies face both management and operational challenges. Just keeping track of the moving pieces of a construction site (or multiple sites), much less making sure the business is deploying those assets correctly and using them to their full potential, is asking a lot of your project managers. The complicated logistics involved in building is one of the main reasons forward-thinking companies are turning to radio frequency identification technology, as it allows them to track people, machines, and materials, allowing businesses to better understand how to use their assets.
Keeping Track of Tools and Equipment

In perhaps its simplest application, RFID technology helps construction companies keep track of and locate valuable tools. Hugely beneficial, the use of radio-frequency identification technology first and foremost can help businesses keep tools from disappearing or walking off of the work site. This benefit alone can offer significant savings to companies, as it reduces the expense of having to buy or rent new tools, along with eliminating the downtime while waiting for a new tool to arrive. RFID technology can also be used to track equipment. With radio-frequency identification, you can see where your machines are, how frequently they are being used, and in what application they’re being utilized. This tech allows business owners and project managers to send machines where they’re most needed, helps decrease downtime, and increases productivity.

Managing Materials

The use of RFID technology is an excellent way for construction companies to manage their materials as well. By businesses tracking the materials they use, they can manage what is on-site, what is off-site, what needs to be ordered, and what is being used. They can streamline the flow of materials to minimize downtime from waiting for materials and, by tracking what is being used, they can eliminate waste. Furthermore, by knowing how much material they are using, they can reduce the amount in storage and reduce capital tied up in inventory.

Tracking Your People

With the use of RFID, project managers and supervisors can also track the identity of who is on-site, their position, and if they work for your company or a subcontractor. Radio-frequency identification technology can be used in many ways to help manage personnel. Using the data provided, managers can track the number of employees on-site and track which part of the site they are on. To help ensure a safer job site, businesses can use RFID to make sure that employees work only in areas they’re certified to be in, and to safeguard potentially dangerous areas around the site.

These are just a few of the ways that radio-frequency identification are being used by today’s progressive construction companies. As RFID continues to penetrate the industry, it’s being implemented in other areas such as timecards, project maintenance, and inspection. As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link—so don’t let your tires hold back the gains your company is making with RFID. Alliance Tire Group’s line of Galaxy construction tires has built a reputation for dependability, performance, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Whether it’s the iconic Beefy Baby skid steer tire or new Multi-Purpose Construction (MPC) tire designed for use on graders, loaders, and telehandlers, Galaxy is making innovative tires to keep up with today’s most progressive builders.