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The Forestry Five: Must-have Logging Tires for 2016

06 Jan

January 6, 2016

ATG’s line up of forestry tires are ruggedly forged to repel punctures and deliver bite in the harshest logging environments, and to keep the world’s largest and most advanced forestry equipment up and running when there’s work to be done. With several high-performance, durable, and cost-effective forestry tires, the Primex and Alliance brands have helped make ATG the fastest growing off-highway tire producer in the world. Here’s a look at five ATG forestry tires that we predict will have a huge impact on loggers worldwide in 2016.

Designed to keep harvest teams and logs moving, the Primex LogStomper Xtreme is perfect for log skidders and harvesters operating on a wide range of ground conditions. The LogStomper Xtreme delivers excellent traction in all types of terrain and conditions thanks to its variable-angle and tapered-lug design. Not only is it a high-performance tire, the LogStomper Xtreme is also built to last and constructed for durability and longevity, with heavy sidewalls, thick under-tread gauge, and a highly cut and chip-resistant compound.

The Alliance 342 Forest delivers high performance, reliability, and flotation while working in the most grueling terrain. Incredibly versatile, the Alliance 342 is at home on skidders, harvesters, or forestry tractors and features a massive, strong tread pattern that provides exceptional traction and grip while working on steep slopes. The tread is further reinforced with smaller lugs on the side and steel under the tread area for increased resistance to punctures and damage from stumps, stones and branches. Rounding out this rugged workhorse is its special rubber compound construction that provides long-lasting protection against chipping and chunking.

Built for use on harvesters and cut-to-length machines, the Primex LogStomper Super Flotation HF-4 is engineered to handle heavy equipment in previously inaccessible areas, all while helping to minimize damage to fragile forests floors. With 23° tread bars, deep lugs, and a huge footprint, the LogStomper Super Flotation HF-4 is built to get you into the thickest, steepest, most remote parts of the forest—and to ensure you get out. The LogStomper Super Flotation HF-4 features steel undertread plies, and Kevlar reinforced sidewalls, making them some of the toughest tires in the industry.

The Primex Log Monster is created for log skidders working with heavy loads in harsh terrain. An incredible performer in tough conditions, the Log Monster is engineered to deliver high traction and reduce slippage no matter how tough a load or landscape. Developed not only to excel in difficult environments but also to last in them, the Primex Log Monster features a strong nylon casing reinforced by steel belts, a high under-tread gauge, robust lugs, and thick sidewalls. Built with a special, long-lasting tread compound and protective mudguard, this tire won’t let you down…no matter how hard the job is or how difficult the conditions.

Made with high-power tractors and heavy-duty jobs in mind, the Alliance 356 Forest is equally at home in the field and in the forest. Extremely versatile, the 356 Forest is engineered to increase traction, minimize slipping, and lower fuel consumption on all types of terrain and soil. Designed for hard work and harder working conditions, the Alliance 356 Forest features steel belts, a high under-tread gauge, thick sidewalls, a special compound, and a protective mud guard for durability and longevity.

Alliance Tire Group is hard at work solving the problems facing today’s logger and producing and developing tires to get you into some of the most unforgiving areas in the world—while also helping to reduce your impact once there. ATG understands that these places can be pretty remote, so each tire is carefully crafted to be as rugged and durable as possible, providing peace of mind, efficient operation without downtime, and keeping you—and your timber—on the move.