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Tirelessly Keeping Your Construction Site Productive

17 Feb

February 17, 2016

The future of the construction industry looks bright as its growth continues to be steady into the new year. With the need to update the country’s aging infrastructure, increased demand for renewable energy, and a growing population in need of residential buildings, it doesn’t look like business will be slowing down anytime soon. Many companies have been challenged to meet the demands of the rapid growth—such as shortages in skilled labor and staying on schedule—and there are also many smaller complications that arise when construction companies are working at maximum capacity.

Busy construction companies need extra manpower and log extra man-hours to stay up-to-date and complete projects on time. Lost in the equation is the extra toll that increased work hours puts on construction machinery and—from our perspective—their tires. With business the best it’s been in a long time, the extra work required from your tires, the lost hours a damaged or flat tire could cost you, and the fact that companies need everything working as efficiently as possible in order to keep up with workflow, now is the time to outfit your equipment with Galaxy construction tires.

Great on everything from graders and loaders to telehandlers, the Galaxy Multi-Purpose Construction (MPC) tire delivers versatile and economical performance. With an optimum lug-to-void ratio for better traction, center lug blocks for a smooth ride, and deep shoulders to provide lateral stability and better self-cleaning, the Galaxy MPC is ready for hard days on site. Not only is the Galaxy MPC up for whatever job you throw at it, but its design and compound also ensure better cut resistance, more efficient heat dissipation, and longer tire life—improving productivity and profitability at the job site.

Here are a few more great construction tire options from Galaxy that will help increase performance, enhance productivity, and minimize downtime:

  • With its special V-shaped tread pattern, the versatile Galaxy Hulk L-5 performs excellently in both mud and on the road
  • Great for going between sites, the Galaxy Marathoner is engineered for roadability
  • The name says it all: the Galaxy Muddy Buddy is designed specifically for work in muddy conditions

With the upswing in business, you may be tempted to look at one of our big-name competitors. But Galaxy construction tires offer the same premium features as they do whiile delivering the one of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry. Check out this recent article in Modern Contractor Solutions showing how galaxy tires compared to our competitors in terms of total cost vs. hours of service. Just because business is good doesn’t mean you can throw money away—the lower cost of Galaxy tires could allow you to hire a few more skilled laborers, update equipment, put something aside for a rainy day, or bolster your bottom line.