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Working with ATG means an opportunity to explore your potential in a challenging atmosphere. We promise continuous growth and the joy of working with a pool of experienced and growth oriented team members. Our global presence offers opportunities to grow across countries and continents…


Edna Keider, Hadera, Israel,

As a Training and Organizational Development manager at Israel Plant, I find it a privilege to develop & maintain the organizational culture that expresses values of personal professionalism & responsibility and to build the managerial and professional capabilities of our employees, which helps create business value for the company. ATG enables the opportunities and resources for training new employees, strengthening employee motivation, emphasizing employee well-being and creating genuine engagement. At ATG, you will always find the willingness to create processes for continuous improvement – both on a personal and organizational level.

Edna Keidar, HR, Hadera, Israel


Rajendra Nagapurkar, Product Management – Material Handling & Construction – APAC & MEA,

I have been part of ATG for the last six hectic years. At ATG you get a chance to work with very talented and experienced senior professionals across the functions, coming from different industries and they bring rich experience. At ATG you are challenged to raise the bar, expected to outperform your own standards. This makes ATG a learning and dynamic place. Those who like the job that requires agility, stamina and creativity would find this as very engaging workplace.

Rajendra Nagapurkar, Product Management


Manish Parbhakar, Sales – Europe & MEA,

It has been an absorbing & thriving experience while being associated with ATG. It is a young, professional organization with a professional & capable leadership team. Goals / rewards are clear to all, with transparent process and less red tape. With a very strong product range and growth appetite, ATG is an excellent organization to learn, excel and grow professionally for anyone who is self-driven & has a zeal to deliver results.

Manish Parbhakar, Sales – MEA


Yuki Kumaoka,

Working at ATG brought me lots of experiences through cultural differences, as ATG is a global company having many sites around the globe. Hardworking colleagues dedicated to their work and always teaching me that “everything is possible”. That makes me feel that whatever difficulties we may face, we can overcome by powerful & positive energy with a smile. I think that is the culture of ATG, one which is full of possibilities. 

Yuki Kumaoka, Corporate


Robert Green, Credit and Collections – America,

I have worked in Credit/Collections for almost 30 years, 12 of them here at ATA.  I have the pleasure to work with people in pretty much every other area of the company.  I can honestly say, I have never worked with a better group of people, people that I wouldn’t mind having as neighbors.  It has been exciting to see the growth we have had as a company over these years and I look forward to what the future has to hold. 

Robert Green, Credit and Collections, Boston, America


Felicia Breen, Demand Planning – America,

Working at ATG provides all the benefits of working under the umbrella of a large company, while at the same time, allowing for the small company feel and closeness. I have only been here a short time, but within that time I have seen how deep the dedication and knowledge runs coupled with the willingness to share that knowledge throughout my supply chain team. Everyone from the top to the bottom cares about putting our customers first and working together to make that happen.  

Felicia Breen, Demand Planning, Boston, America


Any Lakara, Production TBR, Dahej    ,

As a Junior Supervisor of ATG, I am very proud of how our TBR team works together to achieve our goals. I also get an opportunity to work with people having different points of view on various aspects of business. The best thing about ATG is that it provides a healthy and safe working environment for girls.

Any Lakara, Production TBR, Dahej, India    


Shashank Singh, Continuous Improvement, Dahej,

Here at ATG Dahej Plant we aspire to make tires of world class quality with an untiring team effort. Further, calling ATG just a workplace would be undermining how significant a role it plays in the life of every employee working at Dahej by giving us our space to not just work but also dream and accomplish them.

Shashank Singh, Continuous Improvement, Dahej, India


Sneha Chaturvedi, Marketing,

ATG was my first experience in the corporate world and I have had a great learning curve from being a management trainee to becoming a professional in my domain. The key USP of this company is that you get to work closely with teams across the globe, which helps broaden your skill-set and knowledge.


Sneha ChaturvediCentral Marketing


Ajin, Head Manufacturing & Technology, Tirunelveli,

At ATG Tirunelveli, you will find the culture is aligned to the customer. If a customer asks for a tire, all teams are aligned to enable that.


Ajin Kumar, Manufacturing and Technology, Tirunelveli, India


Barry Clifford, Marketing – America,

As the manager of marketing I get an opportunity to work with people from every aspect of business here at ATG. The people I work with here are very engaged and concerned about providing great service and a great product for our customers. What I like here is the small company feel you get even though we’re part of a major corporation – Yokohoma.


Barry CliffordMarketing, Boston, America


Sneha Vichare, Senior Manager,

ATG gives you a great environment and the freedom to explore and put your ideas to work. You will find a friendly culture here. As a woman, I feel very comfortable and safe to work here. The management is open-minded and gives the opportunity to grow with your skills. At ATG we celebrate festivals and the birthdays of all the employees that helps build a bond among the employees. So be a part of ATG, grow, enjoy and explore your career.


Sneha Vichare, Customer Service – Europe


Dhananjay Bisht, Product Management,

At ATG you’ll get the pace of a start-up and the legacy of an organisation that has been around for the last 50 years. The organisation places a lot of trust on you and gives you immense responsibility and this boosts me to deliver and goes to show that the organisation leaves no stone unturned to make me successful in my goals and deliverables.


Dhananjay Bisht, Product Management