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We at ATG believe that there is no single approach to learning. In keeping with this philosophy, ATG provides an amalgamation of conventional, online and blended learning. Some of our blended programs use board games, role plays and gamified online simulations to enhance the learnings.

We also do not believe in providing blanket training solutions to address the needs of the organisation and hence offer bespoke programs for our employees. Department-wise training needs assessment exercise is carried out each year to identify the training requirements. The trainings for each department are then designed based on the needs identified.

The emphasis of any training intervention at ATG is on learning with an impact on business results. To attain the desired results we follow the 70-20-10 principle for learning and development, i.e. 70% of the learning takes place on-the-job, 20% from personal interactions and 10% from formal classroom trainings. Hence, the department-wise bespoke trainings are designed as a journey taking place over a few months with regular follow-up projects/assignments for on-the-job implementation.

Technology has the power to ease our lives and at ATG we would like to harness technology to ease the process of learning for our employees. With Learning Management System employees can now acquire skills and perfect their work-related tasks at their convenience and on the go.

Online modules include product trainings as well as soft skill trainings. All compliance trainings mandated by the governing laws/company policy are also administered online.

Glances from some of our training sessions