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ATA rolling out ‘tireside’ chat informational vlogs


Alliance Tire Americas Inc. (ATA) is developing a series of “tireside” chat vlogs, featuring the company’s farm tire expert James Crouch, that will provide farmers with quick tips on farm tire selection, maintenance and operation.

“ATA Tireside Chats provide farmers, custom applicators and machinery operators with the sort of handy, helpful tips that help them get the best possible performance out of their tires and equipment,” Mr. Crouch said.

“Some of the segments explain the technology inside a particular type of tire or dig into how tires impact other aspects of success on the farm, like soil compaction. They’re not Powerpoint presentations or classroom lectures — each of these segments is short, focused and conversational. Basically, I’m answering questions I get asked all the time, and I’m answering them just like if you and I were talking in the field.”

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