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Where Only the Toughest Dare Tread — the Solid Skid Steer Tire

11 Jun

June 11, 2015

Galaxy is known worldwide for some of the toughest, most productive skid steer tires on the market. Tires like the Beefy Baby III and the Hulk—built with rugged compounds, tough treads, reinforced sidewalls and protective bead guards to deliver long service life in some of the most punishing work environments on earth.

But sometimes the environments get even more punishing than that. (You know what we mean if you work in scrapyards, mines, biomass centers and other unforgiving environments.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS, a solid skid steer tire with unbeatable service life and almost unbelievable load capacity.

So Much Rubber

The entire cross section of the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS is made of solid rubber. There’s so much rubber on this tire that once the heavy-duty lugs have worn down—and that will be a good, long time—the tire can be re-grooved for even longer service life.

There are plenty of reasons why solid skid steer tires are something of a last resort. They’re not cheap, for one thing. But when a job is just too rugged for even the best pneumatic tires and you can make up the cost difference in avoiding the time, labor and expense of multiple punctures in the life of the tire, investing in the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS is more than worth the extra cost.

The Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS is available in the 10-16.5/31×10-20 and 12-16.5/33×12-20 sizes, with and without apertures.

Why would a company with a global reputation for the quality of its pneumatic tires build a solid design? Because of our commitment to providing the right tire. Every job. Every day. Every condition.

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