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April 17, 2020

Skillful farmers love straight rows, and they particularly love straight rows of rich, well-nourished crops on healthy, uncompacted soils. Spring is the time when special equipment such as planters, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders are taken out of the barns and into the fields: Once row-crops such as sugar beets, maize, potatoes, sunflowers and others have been established, comes the time of “slim round specialists” – special row-crop tires.

Alliance – the absolute leader in the row-crop market

As a pioneer of the row-crop application, Alliance started the production of narrow tires for sprayers, as early as 1992. Already in the mid-90’s, predicting the upcoming hydrodynamic transmission, Alliance developed the first 65 km/h narrow tires and since then the Alliance row-crop tires lead the market globally.

In 2011 and 2012, Alliance launched its row-crop patterns with IF/VF technology: Alliance 354 and Alliance 363, thus contributing to the growing trend of soil care against compaction.

Today, Alliance has the biggest row-crop portfolio in the industry, which includes over 80 SKUs in three different designs, all with D speed rating: Alliance 350 as a standard radial solution; and Alliance 354 & 363 as radial steel belted tires in IF/VF technology.

Alliance 350 – radial narrow tires with the D speed rating


VF Row-Crop tires – when soil protection and efficient operations are paramount

Sustainable agriculture equally requires the protection of soils as highly valuable and finite resource, and the ability to timely go out into the fields and spray or fertilize the crops according to their respective needs. This can be tricky at times when spring is wet and soils only offer reduced load-bearing capacity. That, however, is why IF tires (Improved Flexion) and VF tires (Very Improved Flexion) of Alliance Tire Group have soil protection “written all over them”: These tires were developed for farmers who either want to carry the same load with lower inflation pressure, or 20 percent (IF tires) or even 40 percent (VF tires) more load with the same tire pressure when compared to conventional tires. The increased flexibility associated with this technology allows farmers to act according to a given site and situation by either reducing tire pressure under unfavorable conditions, or by loading modern self-propelled sprayers to their maximum capacity when soils are dry and resilient.

Alliance 354 VF


“Shh” and durable …

Alliance 363 VF and 354 VF patterns offer extraordinary durability and performance thanks to the enforced lugs, outstanding traction, and excellent self-cleaning characteristics. Due to the radial steel belted construction, these tires are more fuel efficient and puncture-proved. And not to forget a 10-year warranty – the biggest warranty period in the industry of agricultural tires.

Alliance 363 VF – a unique combination of lugs with the central blocks for the better behavior on the road


Moreover, the unique Alliance 363 was the first row-crop tire pattern to combine the traction lugs with the massive central blocks for the better comfort and behavior on the road – this pattern was later adopted by many other companies. Alliance 363 VF is characterized by a significant reduction of noise and low rolling resistance during transport operation on hard surfaces.

Anyone looking for the new row-crop tires is well advised to have a closer look at Alliance Tire Group’s “bunch of specialists” …

Video overview of the Alliance 363 VF row-crop tires